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Monday, March 28, 2011

New Kids On The Block

OMG ..... Can I say Precious loud enough! Lori went junkin and found a whammy yammy yard sale and got these little collectibles (for a mere $2 bucks) to add to my now dwindling doll collection ('cause I keep giving them away you see) Aren't they adorable? I have always had a fondness for Ann and Andy and that was even before my oldest grandson was named "Andy". Actually this was the start of my lifelong connection with dollies. When all my kids were little sprouts, I began making Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls to sell at Christmas time for a little added income and I never truly stopped. And of course when I was a wee little girl myself there was simply nothing in the world more magical than to lug my favorite dollies along with dishes, blankets, clothing, and all the other accessories a doll family needed to the side part of our back yard where I would spend a delightful morning arranging my "dollies home" in a shady nook with lush moss as the carpet and dainty Violets for a background. Oh Bliss ................ gone are the days except in my mind.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Break seems like yesterday we were expecting Snow and now it is time for Spring Break here in Louisiana.

"What will I do for a whole week out of school?"

Yikes how long has it been since I was a little girl and facing Spring Break? Well sisters that's waaaaaaaay to long to say but I'll give you a hint...back in my day we didn't call it that. We called it Easter Vacation.

And what WE did is verrry different than the youngins of today.
We played Jacks

and we Jumped Rope

and my little brother Freddie and I did the most fun thing of all...

We bought new Comics, or as we called them in the fifties..."Funny Books". It didn't matter if they were funny or not they were all referred to that way.

So what about YOU? What will you be doing next week?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Leader of the pack

Howdy...'yall. My name's "Maggie Mae" an I'm plumb deeelighted to jump onto these bloggy pages to be the first of MizMollye's Dollies to introduce myself to you!

I'm just what you see --- a simple rag dolly made from MizMollye's imagination to represent one of the characters in her story called "Rest High Upon The Mountain". The story was about a clan of hillbilly folks called The James Family and we all talked real funny like saying "wuz" for "was" and "heered it" for ""heard it" and well you get the point!

So I'm glad all you-ins are here and I hope you hurry yoreself on back cause we used to be great in number and why I declair there wuz about more'n a thousand of us but MizMollye feels the urge to "give us" away from time to time and we is whittlin on down in numbers.

'yall take care you hear!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


A new project in the works so stay tuned cause I am onto something here to give voice to all my "babies" who sit silently in their cases!