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Monday, March 28, 2011

New Kids On The Block

OMG ..... Can I say Precious loud enough! Lori went junkin and found a whammy yammy yard sale and got these little collectibles (for a mere $2 bucks) to add to my now dwindling doll collection ('cause I keep giving them away you see) Aren't they adorable? I have always had a fondness for Ann and Andy and that was even before my oldest grandson was named "Andy". Actually this was the start of my lifelong connection with dollies. When all my kids were little sprouts, I began making Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls to sell at Christmas time for a little added income and I never truly stopped. And of course when I was a wee little girl myself there was simply nothing in the world more magical than to lug my favorite dollies along with dishes, blankets, clothing, and all the other accessories a doll family needed to the side part of our back yard where I would spend a delightful morning arranging my "dollies home" in a shady nook with lush moss as the carpet and dainty Violets for a background. Oh Bliss ................ gone are the days except in my mind.


  1. Hi! I did not know that you made the Ann and Andy dolls! Oh My Goodness, I treasure them! I paid a lot of money for this cute little set several years ago on ebay! The seller was a gal in my hometown of Pueblo, CO. Hee Hee I have quite a few of these little sets. I love the little dolly babies too! Hugs Anne

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